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Our master bathroom is not very masterful. It’s tiny, there’s only one sink, there is no tub (simply a stall shower) and it has one itty bitty window to let in some natural light. We definitely want to spruce up our bathroom a couple of notches but 1) It has to be inexpensive and 2) It has to be fairly simple and quick.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Behold, our toilet nook:

We always kept the shade closed for one very important reason.


Well Heidi-Ho, Good Neighbors! Top o’ the morning to ya!


So yeah, the shade stayed closed.

As we were going over small ways to spruce up our little loo, it dawned on us that frosting that window would be the perfect solution. We didn’t need to see out and there was certainly no reason anyone needed to see in.

Sorry, neighbors, you will no longer have front row seats to the show.

I picked up a roll of this window film in Etched Glass at our local Aco for $20. They also sell this at most home improvement stores for right around the same price.


I said it needed to be easy. Looks pretty easy, no? Trim, Spray, Apply. Gotcha.


My handy hubby removed the shade and I got to work scrubbing the glass. I honestly thought I was going to be able to just give it a quick once over. How dirty could it be?


Never ask that.

After a THOROUGH window cleaning, I got to measuring my window. I added a smidge extra to allow for any mishaps. Too much is always better than not enough. I needed 18 1/2″ by 30″.  I rolled the sheet out on my counter, anchored by my iPad and a bowl. I’m fancy like that.


We measured and used a ruler to draw straight lines with a pencil. The instructions recommend that you use a straight-edge razor to cut during this step but I didn’t want to cut up my counter so I just used scissors since I allowed extra for trimming while on the window. Then I took my cut piece to hold up to the window to make sure it would fit. Success!

Next up I filled a spray bottle with cold water and a couple of drops of liquid soap per the instructions that came with the film. I just used Dawn but I really don’t think it matters what kind of soap you use or what size spray bottle you have.


Then I sprayed the heck outta the window, carefully removed the paper backing from the film, and positioned it onto the window. You want to place the side that was facing the paper onto the window. Because of the soap and water, you can slide that baby around until it fits into place.

After it was good to go in the right spot, I simply used a credit card to work my way from the center out to work out any bubbles. If you left some extra like I did, you’ll notice some larger bubbling on the outside edges. This is where you’ll just take your straight-edge razor or Exacto knife and carefully trim. Smooth with your credit card again and Voila!

Neighbors be gone with you!


I do apologize for the poor lighting. Sometimes the only chance you have to get things done is after you put your toddler to bed. (Or “cage the beast” as we like to lovingly refer to it).

It is almost a million times better. There is SO much light flooding into our bathroom and we also don’t have to worry about sweet Tom & Debbie catching us in the buff. They are probably thankful for this as well.

This is also a great option for renters since there are no adhesives involved and it’s not permanent. It just peels right off if you need it to.

And for anybody wondering about how the uniformity looks from the outside:


Pretty darn good.

And check it out- you can also catch a glimpse of one happy lamp :)

But obviously, a little frosting wasn’t going to be enough. Is it ever?

We picked up this bamboo roman shade at Lowe’s for $25:


I didn’t even get to snap a photo of the B-Man installing it because it was THAT EASY. He did it while I was packaging up some Ebay goods. Just follow the instructions that come with the shade. As my brother, Sam, would say… giddyup.


Not too shabby of an update for a grand total of $45!



So our list of small master bath updates are as follows:

  1. Frost window
  2. Update window shade
  3. Paint the walls a lighter, refreshing color
  4. Add a shelf to the bare wall
  5. Frame out the mirror
  6. Add something ??? to the wall in the toilet nook
  7. Replace the sink and faucet
  8. Update with a new rug and new towels

How about any of you? Does anybody else have any cheap-o bathroom updates? Any other window frosting fans out there? Or do you also have neighbors that can witness your dental flossing technique?

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